A frank word

Dear reader, dear friends and partners, dear members of staff,

A great deal has happened in the last few months, in particular since 16 June, our launch at the COOINX convention in front of 5000 enthusiastic guests. I would like to take this opportunity today to say a few frank words: I call them net-terrorists, whisperers who, behind the anonymous façade of the network of capital market forums get on board with gossip and spread unbelievable stories… They want to discredit me as a person and businessman, want to kill off our newly-started business. Slanderers, who say that COOINX will hurl another crypto-currency on the market without approval from the Federal Agency for Financial Services, for which the death-knell has already sounded as there is no approval from the top. All shameless lies, all nonsense! Of course there will be a grand ICO (Initial Coin Offering), the likes of which the world has not yet seen. One which will change the world. And then we can have our fun. Want to bet…?

And, of course we do not do this as COOINX! We see ourselves and are simply a marketing company, marketing online products for digitalising the retail trade. Our international distribution partners profit in this way from long-term income from a multitude of different income streams, based on a forward-looking marketing plan.

COOINX, and I myself, rewards its partners with an incentive, called token. We reward the partners in accordance with objective performance in our system with a binding involvement in the successful ICO in the 4th quarter. This applies to hard-working, loyal partners who believe in me, my team and the future of COOINX. And this is already more than 4,000 partners in more than 20 countries.

For this reason, I have put aside a part of my private holdings as security for this project. I bet, as the businessman and successful entrepreneur Michael Scheibe, those who get involved now, those who believe in me, my network, my concept and my strategy will not regret it. At least not financially.

Do not let people without vision, people without dreams, people who begrudge others drive you crazy. We will get everyone else excited about the success of our project! But for everyone else it will be too late for goosebumps. We shall just have those ourselves!

Your Michael.

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