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COOINX stands for financial independence and an above average quality of life – for those who identify with this unique project, and who wants to be rewarded with exceptionally lucrative bonuses as part of our distribution team.

Our unique offer: you yourself get the benefits of what you do for us as part of the sales team. You, and only you, decide if and to what extent you will profit from our vision, from our business and from our project. Financially! Emotionally! It does not matter at all if you are only available for us for some of the time or if you want to be involved full-time. You decide! We pay! We guarantee you exceptional opportunities to earn money: one-off payments, weekly payments, monthly, quarterly and annual. With your active effort, you generate an “active income”. We also reward you permanently with your “passive income” from the commitment you have shown to date, even when you are no longer active.

Abraham Lincoln, the legendary president of the USA is often quoted in philosophical discussions with the sentence “The world has never had a good definition of the word liberty!” In this way, he indirectly contradicted the German writer Friedrich Schiller, for whom there is no liberty without rules, or the Dalai Lama, for whom liberty can only mean a detachment from the material world. For Confucius, liberty is the ability to let go. “What you love, set free” said the Chinese philosopher more than 2,500 years ago. “If it returns, it is yours forever.”

“We certainly won’t start having philosophical discussions about my baby – my company, COOINX,” assures founder and CEO Michael Scheibe. “We are far to pragmatic for that! But identification with and engaging fully with COOINX means a paradigm change in the quality of life of every partner. For each and every one who joins us.”

For the Swiss entrepreneur, liberty begins exactly at the point where financial restrictions are lifted, where the material becomes a side issue and where financial freedom is guaranteed. This financial freedom is then the basis of a pronounced quality of life. And what is quality of life? “Nobody forces me to do anything to earn my keep any more. Everything I do, I do voluntarily, for fun, for duty, for passion…” said Scheibe, propounding his personal attitude. He achieved his financial freedom more than 20 years ago as a successful real estate entrepreneur and is now only driven by his inner vision for COOINX.

And this vision can be shared. Do you want to be an important part of this vision?

Would you like to know more about us, our products or our vision? We are happy to help!

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