COOINX Christmas Greetings

Dear partners and friends of COOINX, dear readers,

What does Frederick the Great, the most important of all Prussians has to do with our Luxembourg society? Quite simple: On the sandy soil of Brandenburg, it was very difficult to farm and feed the growing population as well as holding stocks for the army. That is why Frederick II was the first ruler of Europe to force his peasants to grow the still unknown and consistently unpopular potato. This groundbreaking strategic decision quickly made it possible to avoid famines and to use money to save on grain imports. Of course, the “Old Fritz” invested the savings in his army – but he was also the first monarch to introduce compulsory schooling and a functioning law with officials … It is said that he was fair, unpretentious … Rumor says that he countered praises from other rolers with his favorite quote: “Whoever manages to grow two stalks, where so far only one grows, is greater than the largest general!”

We, dear partners, have certainly achieved that, too, if I stick to this comparison. We have exceeded our capabilities in many areas! We were creative – we worked hard. And I also know that the earning potential could not be fairer with us as the “Old Fritz” could have thought out.

Official starting point of COOINX S.A. was June 16, 2018. Almost from scratch, we navigated our company directly onto the fast lane. When I say it, I mean it, I mean you, every one, who has rolled up his sleeves and helped make COOINX shine successfully today. I want to thank you personally for this!


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The Prussian king is also known by the saying: “I am the first servant in the state!” That was revolutionary for a ruler of that time! I share this attitude myself – I am the first servant of ours, my COOINX. I try to exemplify commitment, enthusiasm and professionalism. Every day. And that will not change – until we reach the ambitious goals and have 100% implemented the vision of our product provider “wee” in persona of my friend Cengiz Ehliz. We are the motor for the digitization of retailers in Europe. Because we offer the possibility to help one million retailers to transform their business into the age of digitization, to integrate them into the infrastructure of “wee” in order to sustainably liven up the “wee” marketplace.

I am proud of what we have achieved so far together in the COOINX team. But we still have room for improvement! We should stretch more for this next year. But now is time to pause, rest, gather strength … In the circle of the family, wherever in Europe, in the Caribbean or in South America.

Thanks again for everything, dear partner, Merry Christmas and a happy new year – I bet – a mega-exciting and successful year 2019.

Make a masterpiece of your life,
Your Michael Scheibe
Founder and CEO COOINX S.A.

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