COOINX Premium Talk on the second film “Retail / Gastronomy”

Treat yourself to your freedom – make THIS the masterpiece of YOUR life
Dear friends, dear COOINX partners,
The premiere of our first COOINX premium talk with my friend Cengiz Ehliz, the visionary and founder of “wee”, a real ambassador for our product provider’s “wee” cashback system, who is still causing a sensation: I never expected so much encouragement and approval! I think this new moving-picture format is a nice way to elucidate visions and to make concepts more vivid, partly to explain technically demanding processes in simple words. The films should support your work as a self-explanatory and additional sales tool in this area, whether it be in Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia or wherever…


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Visionary and man of action:
Stefan Schmalschläger, head of Savoy in Schwabing’s gastronomic scene and Managing Director of Bismarck Gastronomie und Veranstaltungs GmbH (Bismark Gastronomy and Events GmbH).

Anyone who entertains up to 150 guests every day, who sometimes has to book four weeks in advance, hasn’t only made a name for himself in the highly competitive restaurant scene of Munich’s trendy Schwabing district. Anyone who can count on the regular custom of famous professional footballers and skiers, actors, business leaders and politicians in their trendy but cosy restaurant and has students hobnobbing with the neighbours in the beer garden, has managed to create a very special balancing act. An ongoing highlight! In competition with the fickle gastronomic scene, it is a counter point and beacon at the same time – a blessing for long-suffering gourmet lovers!

And that’s exactly what my friend Stefan is doing at a historic site where, just a stone’s throw away, the legendary Bavaria Film Studios were founded in the mid-20th century, where Romy Schneider, Gunther Sachs and Willy Bogner used to party, where the cinema classic “Fire and Ice” was supposedly born… Stefan lives in harmony with tradition – but he reinterprets it in a unique way! His menu reads like a newly discovered Alpine culinary novel from the 18th century. With pronounced understatement, his menu reads “… The cuisine of our fine dining restaurant is both traditional and contemporary…” A wonderful understatement, if you take the time to bake your own bread for the guests because the quality requirements are so important to you, if you want to serve the favourite Trentino dish “Strangolapreti” which is even more enjoyable than the kind found in the region of its origin, South Tyrol, and to think, he still seasons his freshly prepared food in traditional alpine style using wood and resin… And he has one of the best quality wine cellars east of Bordeaux!

Stefan has fulfilled his personal dream – right in the middle of Munich! Today, he doesn’t even have to work anymore, but he does so anyway out of conviction and passion. Why? Because the restaurant has become the real life dream for him. After an initial investment, the time has now come for the return… And since the little fish with a vision has his finger on the pulse with his top restaurant, he is also a sure fan of our “wee” cashback system. In many respects: on the one hand he uses it as an entrepreneur who is connected to the system, on the other hand, he also uses it as a normal consumer. Because, according to his credo: “… with ‘wee’ I don’t just do something good for my business and myself, but I also help the retailers in my local neighbourhood. And that promotes unity in our beloved district of Schwabing…”

With Savoy, Stefan has created his personal masterpiece through creativity, discipline and commitment… And it is with these virtues that COOINX will lead YOU to success. Put the pedal to the metal, dear friends – receive the fruit of our unique incentives now! It will never be this easy again! You can bet on it…!

Your Michael
Founder / CEO COOINX

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