COOINX Premium – Talk “wee Product Providers.”

Dear friends, dear COOINX partners,
Today we are launching a premiere, the COOINX Premium Talk… In loose succession, I am meeting with outstanding, fascinating personalities, to talk about world-changing visions, unique concepts, to pinpoint strategies and incredible innovations, to discuss, to be inspired… Of course, I also pursue the goal of bringing you even closer to our products, by illustrating them vividly here. Why? Quite simply, to inspire you even more with regards to our common cause. Because only those who feel 100 per cent confident in their knowledge of our products, who can describe the opportunities for their application – and their operative implementation – even while wearing a blindfold, can market them successfully. You know it yourselves: only those with a burning desire for a cause can kindle the fire in others!
And who is destined to be the motivational machine to set the premiere of the COOINX Premium Talks on fire? My friend, the visionary Cengiz Ehliz, founder of “wee” and multi-entrepreneur in M-Commerce of course! It was also an honour and a pleasure for me, as a COOINX product provider, to hold a talk about the world’s first open arena payment system and the planned expansion of weeArena technology and networking with retailers in the weeMarketplace a few days ago. Enjoy this intriguing talk, allow its power to charge you up, help us by joining in, so that this unique vision is a part of you, and fill it piece by piece with your ambition, and your own life, as we work towards creating a successful team.
Your Michael
Founder / CEO COOINX


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Ladies and Gentlemen,
If you are not yet a COOINX Distributor, I invite you to take just five minutes to listen to the first COOINX Premium Talk… I bet you’ll love it! From the endless opportunities that we at COOINX offer, with our products to the weeMarketplace, coupled with the promise to digitise one million retailers worldwide by 2019, to make them visible globally via App, and integrating them into the “wee” cashback system. To this end, we – and of course you too if you wish – hold the key.
Because with the marketing of our software products, “wee” unlocks a golden door onto a new digital age. An era that enhances people’s quality of life and revolutionises retail worldwide. And of course, the offer of a better quality of life applies to you, too! That’s why we keep our door to COOINX open for you. I promise: with COOINX, you will consistently benefit more than the average amount, through our joint success. Personal freedom starts with financial freedom – and we offer YOU the chance of a lifetime!
Your Michael Scheibe
Founder / CEO COOINX S.A.

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