Influencer star Emilie Raffo is convinced about “wee”

Dear friends,
Our successful 2019 has already begun. Planning by COOINX is now absolutely solid, and you are an integral part of the project! This only works, however, if your goals are solid and compatible with ours. I am convinced that your goals and those of the most important members of your team are as solid as a rock in the waves. I am extremely grateful to you for this!

I am pleased to bring my blog readers a very tasty piece of candy: last December, I had the opportunity to exchange impressions with an important international Influencer who is a renowned Blockchain expert. Emilie Raffo advises on successful start-up projects in the cryptocurrency field, as well as being a published author on various platforms that focus on Blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies. Emilie also attends important talks, congresses and symposia on this subject. She carries out enthusiastic interviews with many of the as yet unknown Blockchain sector megastars or experts, which she publishes on various media, such as the Estonian platform CRYPTO DISRUPT Twitter account or as a Blog entry on Blockchain4Humanity (b4H). The vision she pursues is truly fascinating: the B4H platform is an internationally recognised voice for the Gibraltar-based non-profit foundation of the same name. The goal of this foundation is to finance projects and solidarity organisations solely with the use of Blockchain technology. I met this ingenious young woman during an event in Montreux, which featured a company that is part of our producer “wee”. This company showed the opportunities offered by the “wee” business model to interconnect with Blockchain technology. Emilie’s opinion that “wee” is “super cool” reinforces more than ever my point of view regarding our vision, mission, strategy: “COOINX is a complete success!” There are 30,000 retailers that have joined “wee” so far, and there will soon be 100,000. The expectation for growth is to reach one million. Our software is unique in Europe, unique in the world that allows you to make the “only connection”, to encourage retailers with fixed establishments to participate in “wee” by digitising them. And this is exactly the fundamental part, as Emilie reported to me: “With our existing retail partners, and the realistic prospect of reaching a million, multiplied by hundreds or thousands of consumers, “wee” provides an infrastructure, by connecting with the infinite possibilities of Blockchain technology, making it a unique opportunity to create a viral payment system”.
Allow yourself to be captivated by the ingenuity of this still young Blockchain Influencer who has already amassed extensive experience. Watch these videos:


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And don’t forget: believe in your goals and get to work! Then we’ll have successful cooperation. A turnover of 100 million euros awaits us (we are all part of this). This is our offer for everyone in our team to achieve economic freedom. And we’re all going to make it. Get your online or offline documentation!

Make your life a masterpiece. Here’s to success for all!

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