London Calling. Europe Calling. COOINX Calling.

“Hello Friends,
After the weekend, after the great kick-off starts in Olten/Switzerland, Banska Bystrica/Slovakia, Ljubliana/Slovenia and Dresden/Germany, after countless conversations with old acquaintances and newcomers at events and on the phone, it won’t stop ringing in my ears, in my head… Do you remember the punks of The Clash, London Calling? Late seventies?

At that time, the only ideas I had in my head were silly and I had long hair like Claudia Schiffer in her prime… When I was travelling back, I heard the song on the radio for the first time in 10 years I reckon, and I can’t get it out of my head now. Then I played it 20 times on YouTube on my stereo and sang it “live” – well, there was no one else was in the car… And then I had the title: “Europe Calling!” I sang it across all the countries, 12 of them, that would be coming to us, the COOINX and myself in the coming weeks. What fun! What a feeling!


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I don’t think I sang it like the cocky punks in 1979, more like Bruce Springsteen in 2010, a bit calmer, more serious, more sedate… But still full of passion, fervour and power! So, in a similar vein, I felt the same way about the first events. Like a mature, serious punk-rocker! We have all learned a lot over the years, we have all become more grown-up, calmer, more objective. And if you consider the word ‘seriousness’, I say “sure” because, in defence of this sort of language, we are no longer talking about visions, but concrete projects, milestones, verifiable business cases and plans.

Nevertheless, we need a bit of craziness to make a significant change in the world! I hold my hands up – especially when I consider the rather amateurish filming and editing I did in a fit of madness. But have a look, have fun growing up together. I look forward to seeing you all at the upcoming kick-off events!

Michael Scheibe

And don’t forget: Make your life a masterpiece; you only have one… I quote from the powerful song: “Engines stop running – but I have no fear.” Annotate: “My motivation is sky high, can you feel it?”

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