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Successful financial statement from entrepreneur Michael Scheibe after 100 days of COOINX SA

Free E-Business for 1 million retailers changes the quality of life in Europe

For his newest business project, founder and CEO, Michael Scheibe (57) and his interdisciplinary team of experts from around the globe have researched, planned, tested … He has flown 100,000 miles, held 100 interviews with experts and invested a part of his private fortune in the path to success for COOINX. On the one hand, he has drawn up a new distribution matrix using his decades of personal experience in international sales and e-business. On the other, he has translated his pan-European vision of free connections for a million retailers to the digital age with individual e-businesses and m-businesses into lucrative products which will be sure-fire marketing successes. Regardless of the peculiarities of the 21 national markets in Europe, the Caribbean and South America, in which the Luxembourger has already been successful!

The project was launched with the message was “The future starts now!” The launch and the official presentation in front of 4000 guests took place at the COOINX convention in the middle of June 2018. Just 100 days later the Luxembourg-based firm COOINX is already riding a wave of success going well beyond the aims set at the start. Turnover, number of distribution partner and the international character of the network have so far surpassed expectations.

Scheibe’s leadership translates the vision into strategy, products and practical measures

“I have pulled out all the stops for my business, my baby: COOINX,” says the energetic entrepreneur, who though born in Germany has settled in Switzerland. “Not only the skills I have built up over the last 30 years as a successful businessman in the real estate industry and later as a sales director and investor in e-business and m-commerce projects. More than that, I have, in the sense of successful leadership, integrated the best professionals that I have noted in my recent past – sometimes difficult competitors, sometimes long-term companions, sometimes newcomers, but fountains of enthusiasm and know-how from the digital world, also with expertise from the area of block chain technology and cryptocurrencies. In terms of credible leadership, however, it was most important to be to have a secure project with strategical planned sustainability: I have deposited a seven figure amount of euros of my own private capital. You can’t be more authentic than that!”

The COOINX business strategy combines exceptional assets which take effect both internally and externally with a fruitful intersection for both sides. Here, the mission of the business is to position itself as an international marketing company, selling innovative and effective online products for digitalising the retail trade. Just in Germany, online trading has a turnover of about 60 billion euros, and this is increasing. This is money which is running away from over-the-counter retailers, contributing to the obliteration of city centres and reducing the quality of life for ordinary people more and more…

THE motor for the digitalisation of the European retail trade

And it is exactly here that COOINX is active – as the leading driver for the digitalisation of the retail trade. COOINX works as an important distribution/contracting party with the budding market leader for m-business in retail from Switzerland. The stock-market listed technology leader (Swiss Fintec Invest AG, previously wee.com AG) currently integrates retailers across Europe into its innovative cashback system, similarly making them digitally accessible. The retailer can activate online marketing tools via the system integration from “wee” and thus, on the one hand acquire new customers, and on the other tie in closer with its existing client base. Similarly, the customer can make purchases without cash by using their smartphones. In return for tying in customers, the retailers offer a one-digit rebate which is divided between the consumer on one hand, and the Swiss firm on the other. The main attraction from the Swiss company: rebates which are earned when shopping online in over 1,000 online shops can be spent only in online shops as “wee” or paid out to your own current account.

What is known as a “retail digitalisation product” from COOINX connects exactly one trader and is mirrored in the MDT package as a “Comprehensive Care-free Package” with a multitude of services for the retailer. This product is the centre of the marketing activity, currently priced at 890 euros. It is flanked by a further online tool with a one-off cost of 99 euros and a further 39 euros p.a., this is the backoffice of the distribution partner. Marketing these goods enables the distribution partners to gain from the turnover in different ways, and this is the basis of the marketing plan. This marketing plan develops according to the needs of the partner, contains eleven different opportunities to earn money from one-off payments through to permanent salaries and has proved itself to be a unique sales turbo-charger in the marketplace.

Participation in a successful ICO as an incentive

The parters profit in accordance with objective performance – amongst other things with the unique incentive of a token for an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) which will be realised externally in the 4th quarter. The declared aim of the Luxembourg company is to market one million MDT packages by 2019 and together with “wee”, create a Europe-wide renaissance of the starved retail sector.

Market-oriented self-made entrepreneur with “petrol for blood”

In private life, the father of three has remained modest, despite his success, if one does not count his hobby, car racing. Here, he swears by the Bavarian brand with the obligatory kidney-shaped radiator grills. “As far as my quality of life is concerned, I am very relaxed. Of course I don’t need two BMW i8s, but my newly built-up network, in particular in Eastern Europe, identifies, of course, with premium brands,” confirms the entrepreneur. “And active racing is not only fun, but much more about meeting relevant clients for our business here at the racetracks. And precisely for that reason, a luxurious car is a motivational hallmark for every distribution partner. Which we will satisfy!” stresses the influential senator of the European Economic Senate e.V., who got out of the real estate business ten years ago as a successful entrepreneur with about 1 billion verifiable turnover.

The digital site of COOINX S.A. at www.cooinx.com showcases the company with the focal points of philosophy, mission, products etc. It has recently been extended to four and soon seven languages. The internal area is secured by login.

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